Using quality English grain leathers and traditional techniques, we create long lasting items from our humble, family run workshop in Saddleworth, England. 

We draw inspiration from the simple beauty of the moors as well as classic British design to create pieces that are free from trends and fads.

The Process

We start by selecting the highest quality full grain leathers we can find. Each item is then cut by hand and secured with hand driven rivets, or sewn with thick bonded nylon thread.

Edges of the leather are then 'burnished' - a process that combines plant resins, beeswax, and friction to slick down and seal the leather fibers. This keeps the edges looking sharp for years and does not peel off as painted edges do.

What is full grain leather?

Full grain leather utilises the natural grain from the outer surface of the hide. This is the strongest part of the hide and retains natural blemishes and character from the outer skin of the cow. If conditioned and cared for properly, full grain leather items will last a lifetime.